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After a long summer without fresh torsk (I did cook up some salt-cod this summer), the Chicago Torske Klub started it’s new season this past weekend.

Torsk is the Scandinavian word for cod.  In the case of the Torske Klub, the fish is flown in from Iceland as fresh whole fish and cut into “bone in” steaks.  The bone as well as the attached skin add additional flavor to the fish which is quickly poached in boiling (and very salty) water.  Because of the high salt content the water actually boils hotter than normal so the fish can cook very fast and not break apart.  The club meets at the Des Plaines, Illinois Elks club, at noon, on the 2nd Saturday of every month (except June, July and August) and always has a guest speaker and a lot of fun.  For more information go to their web site.

Greg Borzo explains a image from his book about the Chicago "L".

Greg Borzo discusses his book about the Chicago L

Why was this months meeting brought to you by the letter “L”?  Well, the guest speaker was Greg Borzo the author of the new book The Chicago “L”, illustrated with over 100 images of the “L” from it’s early days.  Greg gave the club attendees a 30 minute presentation of slides covering the history of mass transit in Chicago, including the days before the “L” was built.  For all you train buffs or anyone that enjoys Chicago history this was a great presentation.


Gene Kaczmarek receives a letter of thank you from the Torske Klub Boss Rob Alsaker. Barney the cod fish looks on

After the presentation the Torske Klub announced the retirement of Gene Kaczmerek from his position as Treasurer of the club.  Gene served the club for many years and we all want to thank him for his service.

Ken Nordan,
Contributing Editor

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