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All air travel in Northern Europe has been shut down due to the eruption of the Volcano in Iceland. A large ash cloud has moved over Norway and other Northern European countries closing airports. Check out the animation on the Aftenposten website to track the cloud.

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Norwegian World War II documents (over 5,000 in total) have been declassified and placed on the National Archives web site.

The sinking of Blücher is one of the main themes, and include documents  of the German attack plans for southern Norway, which were found on the shore of Gråøya two weeks after the sinking of the German warship.

On April 9, 1940 (70 years ago) the German warship Blücher and several other ships tried to slip into Olso to take over the Norwegian government.  A battery of gunners at the Oscar fortress shot 280 mm shells into the ship and along with torpedoes fired from the fortress submarine torpedo battery, sank the Blücher. Because of this short battle the Norwegian Government and Royal Family were able to escape Oslo and make their way to England and the United States.

King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav

We all remember the famous picture taken in the birch trees near Molde in April 1940 of King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav during the flight north after the German invasion of Norway.

As I read the documents I’ll report on any interesting items.

Contributing Editor
Ken Nordan

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Lamb at my mothers house.

God påske alle sammen! Happy Easter to everyone. I just love getting together at my mothers house for her lamb. Mostly because I miss seeing my mom but also she makes great lamb and I always get to take home the bone and then I can make some great lamb stew. I learned to love lamb as a child and learned to love making lamb stew as an adult. Best to all.

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