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Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon I went out to the Norge Ski Club “Jump Site”. The club is gearing up for the 105th annual Ski Jump Tournament this weekend January 30 – 31. As many of you from the Chicago area know the last couple of weeks has not been real good for snow the temperature was well over freezing. Three weeks ago we had over a foot of snow on the ground and as of Tuesday morning the only place I saw snow was where the snow plow piled it up in front of my house.

The ski jump hills at Norge Ski Club

As seen from the clubhouse the jumps are: far left K40, center K70, right K25, K10 and K5.

So with the absence of local snow I wanted to see what the jump master was doing to get ready for the event. Scott Smith and his team had been out most of the night with their snow machines giving mother nature a boost. I watched the crew move the machines into position to add snow to the Inrun and Knoll areas of the K5, K10 and K25 jump areas and then run over to the K70 hill to set up another machine to add snow to the Knoll of the K40 and K70 jumps.

I grew up in a Norwegian household that was more adept at speed skating than skiing. As a boy we made ice in the yard and later I refined my technique when my first job – post community college – was working at the park district making ice in the winter and cutting grass in the summer. Therefore, the wonder of making snow is very new to me, not that I don’t understand the principles I just had never seen the execution.

Making Snow on the K70 Hill

Making Snow on the K70 Hill.

Please enjoy these photos and remember to put on your calendar the event this weekend. Three jumpers from Norway as well as three teams from other European countries will be in attendance. My wife and I will be out at the jump taking pictures and interviewing the Norwegian jumpers. The Norge Ski Club is located in Fox River Grove, Illinois, near the intersection of Skill Hill Road and US Hwy 14. Watch for “Ski Hill” signs on Hwy 14.

Hope to see you there.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with comments about my January 8, 2010 article in Norwegian-American Weekly about Roy Roe’s older brother Bob and his defense of Leif Ericsson and our Norwegian Heritage. I look forward to writing more articles in the coming months for NAW.

Ken Nordan – Contributing Editor

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I have learned about an event in January that is really fun and is soooo Norwegian, the 105th annual “Norge Ski Jump Tournament” in Fox River Grove, Illinois. The Junior Olympic Qualifier K70 tournament will be held on Saturday January 30, with other jumps to be held on Sunday.

Three Norwegian jumpers will be in attendance, as well as jumpers from Finland, Poland, Russia and the USA. Check out their website at www.norgeskiclub.com for more information.

I’ll be there covering the event, and I’ll post my pictures and a story here. If you have ever been to Oslo Norway and seen the jump at Holmenkollen you’ll know that the Oslo jump stands out on the hillside and can be seen from all over the Norwegian capital. The Oslo jump is impressive and also has a great Ski Jump Museum that is currently closed while the jump is being renovated, but will reopen by summer of 2010. I had the pleasure of visiting the museum with a family friend who had jumped as a youth back in the 50’s. He commented several times about how much the equipment had changed.

The Chicago Friends of Vesterheim Committee is pleased to announce that their next event will take place on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at the Park Ridge Country Club in Park Ridge, IL. A Nordic Marketplace will be held from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. followed by a Luncheon and Program. The event is by invitation only, but for more information contact the museum.

The sponsors of this site have announced the upcoming “Vinland Seminar” to be held at North Park University in Chicago on October 15-17 2010. The seminar will bring together prominent scholars in Viking Norway history, the Vinland Sagas, and Viking DNA. The seminar will also offer discussions about the history of the Chicago Norwegian and Scandinavian communities, local tours and other activities. More information will be available soon.

If you have an event open to the public that has a Norwegian or Scandinavian flavor let me know and I try to get the word out on this site.

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